Nerd Talk - August 6, 2018

Monday, August 6th

Make it so.

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Sir Patrick Stewart says make it so and will reprise his most famous character. Captain John lute the card I'm really sabres there is there's good news Star Trek series in the works. It's getting about the state senators but I am super series the best captain and Star Trek history. Is returning to provided almost no other details which is not helpful Gandalf. The nerds at NASA are setting you up to build your own version of the curiosity rover that crap that's driving around on the surface of Mars. Free downloadable player and the systematic solo you plus 4500 dollar were the Bard's little. To create your own over there will not however be releasing directions on how to build your own rockets or you can deliver you're owed her over to another planet selfishness jerks. And finally it's also big young and indestructible it's Whalen also when you do want to minis are equally Dixon probably never recovers because your old. You know testing proved but the future of fixing terrible achy joints are damaging due to them is crocodile cartilage. They're hoping to take samples from crops and make a sort of stem cells soon they can be pretty bio printed as new cartilage. All my hipster foudy friends who like him still in silk suit. I headed woman lived in Brooklyn. I supported by heritage distilling companies brown sugar birdman.