Nerd Talk - August 7, 2017

Monday, August 7th



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Tomorrow for one day it'll leak ESPN will take a page out of the cinematic film masterpiece. Dodge ball was true wondered if it's really fit lunch ESPN HBO June oh. The finest and sold seen sports including disc golf a roller derby and of course dodge ball Will Ferrell all day long until all strategy kindness. It pays off farm and you'll find the coach Joseph Whitney ST any view normally lives Tuesday only. A group of space fanatics bent on exploiting the void unknowns surrounding our little blue dawn of a planet. Just launched six experimental deep space craft thanks to science fiction reach to think in the death star to star destroyers in the overall space navy. But all six prototypes could fit in your sweet crude tools Boone. Bill of tiny radios and processors and sensors and the next generations they hope to have traveling. With some sort of mechanism and a good chunk. Of the speed of light up meanwhile you're stuck on high fives being my ghostly light that's on tonight soon. I finally about a year ago a team of American robot builders challenge is similar group of Japanese nerds. George giant robot fight and now it's gonna help. Mega bucks built a sixteen foot tall medical robots but to have records and we'll do battle against. So we don't mushy the Japanese counterpart sometime at the end of September he threw us. The web part though is we can't attend the battle because it's true very dangerous. Onside you can't build interest for that man yeah. Most of some robots shoot and smash each other for half an hour we'll be able to go to NASCAR truck with a million times scarier. Oh.