Nerd Talk - August 8, 2018

Wednesday, August 8th

Stupid robots... *slow shakes fist*

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90% of the plastic that's floating around in the ocean is coming from and rivers around the world and by around the world. So we pretty much told Condoleezza. You know where they make all the stuff we love for super cheap but no one really asks Allah so inexpensive. Now Phil Dick oceans the guy that be great though we got to fix that and who ports are eating the plastic bottles and packaging wheels. Alec got Cuban go to hi bred who can only season. Engineering parents have taught a drone how to autonomously occurred birds for. Well let's bug biggies is AI to detect and track flocks then chased them away when they fly too close to say like a runway we'll remember what happened when Sully Sullenberger had to crash land a plane in the Hudson River. After striking Canadian geese on another comedian he's a pretty mean and tough but it's blazers on that. And finally speaking of drones well. And welcome to the future where civilian own remote controlled consumer drones aren't quite robots but are ready to be killing machines. From a new. Breaks the president of Venezuela was the intended target of two drones carrying explosives to an event at which he spoke officials there report being able to jam the frequency so pile. Pilots couldn't get them close. What things do go autonomous the ones. That's simple we teach Canadian geese to strike back. Talk this week is supported by heritage distilling companies brown sugar Durbin.