Nerd Talk - August 9, 2017

Wednesday, August 9th

Help peel open a dinosaur head.


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This weekend the Burke museum will start the process on plastering the school of a giant tyrannosaurus Rex. Oh at all some. It's massive weight almost as much as we can Toyota Prius Cooper driver not included it's gonna be quite the process but you can watch via their new testing testing 123. Exhibit. It's like ten bucks they'll. Haas and sad news from the world of monster attack movies right she's the one time stunt man who first on the 200. Has died. Tiny Tokyo's breathe a sigh of relief vote road Nakajima transformed into Godzilla and irradiated super obese created from nuclear fallout for the first time way back in 1954 or. Just nine years after we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan the idea of the films is to help spread warning of the dangers. Of nuclear war. Nakajima was 88 years old Princeton it's. And finally. Researchers tried to protect people from abuse unwind created artificial intelligence. They can detect your sarcasm. Well that's just who. Wait on aggrieved. I was just being sarcastic over roots rule although look listen doctor Spock. I want you no longer and do that I'm just being slower. Didn't destroy it. Florida the most news.