Nerd Talk - August 9, 2018

Thursday, August 9th

The list of subscriptions you pay for just got bigger...

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Bad news for all of your superhero films. No lower marvel movies are coming into the Netflix. Instead Disney will put films starting with captain marvel on the soon to charge you a monthly fee Disney's streaming apps. Muscle that's Netflix Hulu Spotify New York type suddenly much entertainment it's adding up. But don't this weekend they do when you're leaving their mark part of summer camp a week. Tilt your head back or Wayne's world hadn't just cold chill on the holier Clark to look to the heavens. And catch a glimpse of the Percy a meteor shower. The moon is a tiny sliver right now and it's setting early means skies should be pretty dark and the media does expect. I mean assuming it's not cloudy. And finally Nintendo journey down a dark path this week pretty weird they were streaming footage of super smash Brothers ultimate swing to the online gasps of fans this album. Murder Mario's. Tall green blood brother blew me off. Ha ha ha ha. The backlash has been significant enough for Nintendo to have to release a statement on Twitter saying simply Luigi is okay. Yea delete key. Our.