Nerd Talk - December 1, 2017

Friday, December 1st

Time to power the world on farts!


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The nerds at Toyota one a power your car with the how far it's. Yes decals yeah automobile giant will build a power plant that captures methane from cow bucks. And using nerd magic converts it to generate water electricity and hydrogen. Do that cows now I can be useful for more than just cheeseburgers. Your next chickens. The city of Chicago is considering using Ilan mosques. Hyper loop to make a super fast to train to the airport from the suburbs look hyper loop is basically using the same technology that launches amusement park riots using magnets. Letter there's don't believe the magnitude of the problem we can't use it to you are shakes his brother and trains go hundreds of miles per hour now I know were busy building a gazillion dollar light rail little get to win wouldn't you like 2143. Plus a major cartels more expensive than your rent but it's too late to do this here. What are more doses of the airport. And finally. We're going back to Venus hopefully. Look it's tough because that rains medal beating acid there and the pressure is higher than holding your. NASA engineers have made computer chips that to withstand the scene conditions on pointed acid rain so it's time. To do back 45 A another player it was chocolate ravens and refine the sprinkles you have. Oh.