Nerd Talk - December 21, 2017

Thursday, December 21st

Apple is totally messing with you!


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Alabama we've suspected about our older iphones turns out to be true. Apple is slowing them down the turns out that we have an old battery and it's getting kind of crappy DOS automatically mix your phone slow work to get longer performance that was settled battery with a new one and the performance increases. And dead battery. Even bigger. So you'll convince ourselves that this is the year we get in shape. I'm a little article my wife would be doing this. Thanks to jerk nerd robot scientists. Sooner we get to the gym you'll be competing whether humanoid robot who does push ups banks are to feel terrible bombing inability to be physically impressive. Another robot that can do push ups sit ups calf races this is a workout machine I mean literally what it went bad and too. What them and find SpaceX the rocket company started by Tesla Elon Musk is nearly ready to test the rocket that will take just a modest. Most shared photos of these three booster to assembly being prepared for its first test flight in January. It's a critical Dumars anyway. Like a worst Arizona without the spring training. We'll take a rocket the pictures of the planet of snakes and humidity to play at Florida. It.