Nerd Talk - December 4, 2017

Monday, December 4th

The first freakin' text message is 25 years old!


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Technically yesterday but happy birthday to the text message down 25 years old congratulations on your car insurance discounted its message. The first message was sent from a computer for OK they've received last cellphone seeking though that message. Send news. This is me for the mobile Internet and did everything grows and also the first message read Merry Christmas. Imagine if you can build a modular home the only took six hours to Iraq. And such you back less than the teacher's salary to purchase. Move could mean you could probably afford to live in Seattle again. After the million dollar piece of property you've got to buy it sets up looking like a giant triangle like an eighth fringe joint. Perfect for cabin on a distant piece of land where I five came to thank you. And finally Google built an artificial intelligence that builds its own artificial intelligence that is too Smart for us to build. The project called the brain seriously diminish its own. Child I guess you'd say that outperformed everything to humans have created at all. Google it. We supported by our friends at burned and wells a gaming global on the east side.