Nerd Talk - December 5, 2017

Tuesday, December 5th

Voyager is back, baby!


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The Voyager spacecraft just fired up its thrusters that have been unused in the freezing cold about his base. Just fire them up for the the first time in 37 years but since. 1988. The interstellar Voyager spacecraft looked our solar system just a few years ago. The little thrusters that uses for course correction cracking up a bit we just communicate without even crazier it's. Minnesota to see if we can burn the others and it totally works my god math is amazing. The insurance industry is starting to offer discounts for using the auto pilot built in the cars like the test love. There was still a long way from self driving cars in the city but some of them have enough smarts to handle highway driving the first major company is British of ball for 5% discount for using. You autonomous driving aid don't get your hopes up you start to pay attention kids watch Star Wars on your iPad take a quick nap or. Something worse creek and finally. Researchers have taken soil created to simulate conditions on Mars and hatched some living worms who. When we get to the red planet that dirty is dead dude. So we're back here on earth trying to figure out how to make it function enough to make farming possible. And now it's only a matter of time until someone tries to grow the road most marijuana broke. It's supported divert and wells are friends that chemical when these side.