Nerd Talk - February 12, 2018

Monday, February 12th

Space golf (is totally cancelled)

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President issuers face is once you take it International Space Station and privatize it once it reaches its funding completion in 20/20 four when he found out of the couldn't make it doing golf course and decided we should at least about another ring other countries because. You know international. It's like having a friend roommate who decides to Villeneuve puts on a great tools that with the talking you. When each. The opening ceremonies of the winter games on Friday with a victim of cyber attack because of course they were. We can't have anything funny anymore thanks to stupid computers brushing got out ahead of things saying available are closed without an improved OJ the giant country. Then because of drugs who routinely hat in the glad to improve that showed say. Double blow us OK I finally. Massa tried out a drug debt held fast enough to keep from losing muscle mass while their instincts. Dual floating around without much gravity thing means our muscles kind of pointless you know hard won big Mosul very important this drug will help keep muscles. From deteriorated. During earth is the symbol of the baseball players used in home runs. This week's reportedly turned into well this.