Nerd Talk - February 13, 2018

Tuesday, February 13th

The musical instrument from hell!


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Clearly sadistic brutish monster of a man made a musical instrument of terror combining it or didn't and more than forty plus Coburn referred me schools everywhere a lot of pollution early ninety's that would wake up with the ought to be delightful to teach that stuff. Well new item to the cute little electronic door again. And this torture noises what we gets. Don't nobody. Sort of sounds like if you wanted the Helmand. MG MT was waiting for you. Right. Sadly we all know someone or a sad story where somebody is battling terrible cancer. Jealous cancer care alliance is huge for researching the community here in general Fossum were invited York one group of researchers have developed teeny tiny. Nano robots that can fly throughout your body like the eighties movie inner space symbolize the way kids yourself. My question would you rather have Smart robots or love born drugs the battling diseased cells in your hot spot. And finally. DARPA the conclusion definitely just changed their name is cyber dined to their making free can terminator is not from a new. Then a new robot that to plug the public you've seen before that runs around like a very prancing dog. Only now they've installed a gripping Clancy club that can operate door handle. Nobody thinks. Puts the blame is on there was some sharp vision shark teeth. And I think just Bible also Procter and Jurassic Park robot dog will start Tripoli flying open doors to kill you pull flu like Jurassic Park Phillies guys crave. Yeah. The businessweek's supported by Vern and wells there are gaming globe.