Nerd Talk - February 20, 2018

Tuesday, February 20th



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You are most of so boring company is making more than just flame thrower is after all now my boring it's not the only reason that make you pay the big tunnels that he wants to put magnetic traveling hyper loop dollars and do. The north fellow fast. He's got the initial permitting to start a line between DC and New York. Please just make one between basement and Seattle so I can sleep in like an extra hour think you. Well no more tomorrow gelatin and Jennifer teeming with dark horse publishing to release a Super Mario encyclopedia. I mean rarity to have the Internet but OK there was several hundred pages of history behind Mario and his plumbing brother Luigi from 1985 is Super Mario Brothers. Until putting thirteenth Super Mario 3-D world no Odyssey coverage for some reason. I finally yeah. Congratulations to NASA. Asked and their opportunity rover a little row boom go Kart cruising around in science thing on the surface of Mars a chicken breast. Because a little toaster was only supposed to last for ninety days and it just broke 5000. It's like putting candy for relented then outlive your small dog without having any sweets. I. No child hurt you'll live forever as the robots. Which. And.