Nerd Talk - February 21, 2018

Thursday, February 22nd

Laser powered smartphones!


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Is there a greater and thanks for finding the nerd talk podcast. I made that up as I said it's pajama. Peers at the University of Washington are asking the best questions like. Possible charges Smartphone evenly thirds. The answer is yes it is I'm not sure why they would do this without a dumb question to ask. They can charge your phone from forty feet away most of cats cats lasers. Must depend how much more broad battery backing group this. But there's the SpaceX want everyone to have speed he's based Internet sky and then the logic couple trial satellites that will help to beam high speed names deer bones and Joseph can hopes to one day go totally want your free we're going to be awesome Internet when the robots take our jobs through dubious Lou Moret. But for real. And finally I. Amazon masterminded potentially able super villain just raised those his latest project is big giant thermal power clock built into a mountain that we'll keep perfect time for 101000 years okay. It's sensible built for the mutual mountain throwing around the number 101000 years. I was in the eighth. It's really a volcano and be big news story able oh what's that he's putting his rocket company headquarters into a mountain tool the plot thickens always on the go flying over blame or. Maggie knows a little bit this. Lichtman.