Nerd Talk - February 22, 2018

Thursday, February 22nd

Dead Pool card game sounds naughty!


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Hi there I'm Gregor and currently I have the worst coffee analysis from when you miss water and a podcast called nerd talk. The terminator company that makes those robot dogs loose mud. Another teaching him to resist still. And what could go wrong. Plus weeks but many the one that uses a colossal after looking plant had opened doors presumably to come into the room in which you hide the leaves are you. With all that robots start to show some serious problem solving skills this week that they bought this show resisting attacks by humans. And getting through the door anyway Phillip until we go light sabres this is a pretty big problem. NASA is trying to catch up when they shoot your car had largely SpaceX the that a full throttle most of the next digital power these space launch system shooting Americans into orbit and beyond this just to pick engines off the now dusty space shuttles answered them up a bit then have been diesel was flying Iraq if they would soon put up regularly get nitrous to make sure to jump over a submarine. And finally it's a figure for dead pool with a sequel film comic book series and now his own cards against humanity style little party game. It's called dead pool was in the world on there and volume I don't have to play my mother in law played against humanity and hearing her talk about. What I can't take. What else do you. Oh.