Nerd Talk - February 8, 2017

Thursday, February 9th

Even Godzilla is worried...

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That Japanese reactor liquid when he thirteen that's super earthquake bolt turns out it's way worse than they thought. Had one seabirds that they measure radiation one Siebert of radiation over a lifetime. Big news NASA do you shake it is just sad that. Pulls these days plug on an astronaut career they thought Fukushima was at 73. Super twelve turns out it's giving up well over 500. It kills robots designed and the first two weeks worth of work in two quarters. When asked for comments even got still got pretty salty. There's stuff. That's sort of makes you second guess having babies. Good news there's a Wiener gel that looks promising for continuous male contraception without the done getting out isn't in just solar default. Told battle gel Basil cell you're got a new name there are nerds who gets injected into your baby battered tubes total like America's plumbing after the Super Bowl things get backed up but it's totally reversible with a simple sodium solution for. Celtic we'll go through a sniff any day. And finally it is all but impossible to be on the Internet watch TV or read anything without going into a mere stroke rage but some crafty nerd has a way. Put your anger toward something. Did you put those Amazon dash buttons the one where you push it to reorder your favorite nonsense from Amazon side note never make one from puppy treats and leave it out Paul heights. Yeah I know Pelé did ticket in minutes every time it's pushed the button will donate to your favorite charity giving Superman. Hit the button and know that Seattle humane has five bucks more kitty food. It.