Nerd Talk - February 8, 2018

Thursday, February 8th



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But about the. You. Started her talk podcast. Might change your friends rest easy we're finally getting in the blue Jeep. That they Unicode consortium that in thirty navy Rupert Murdoch. They're the ones to decide which a mode G will receive every year and they finally ordered the overlooked subset of humans with red hair. Superheroes bold and win more science and stuff get the ads to. And shout out to the pirates couldn't read al-Qaeda every year they'll have a Jolly Roger flag in time for C fair. Our error I have to heat moving on all the talk this week has been about the incredible falcon heavy is this the longest active rocket on the planet. But meanwhile in Japan. The Japanese to shoot a satellite into space you. He got tiny rocket now. Eight about the sizable light pole the new hope program launched a micro satellite weighing about as much as a small Turkey into orbit when it goes back to earth the picks itself. And finally that's one thing to try and cheat your way through Spanish class. We'll win using Google translate to order supplies baby if someone double check euphoria. The Norwegian Olympic team accidentally ordered 151000. Eggs to feed hungry athletes that's ten times more chicken embryos. Then they intended the blaming Google translate for the definitely sounds like a tight vote. Also pro scouts free idea. Sell cookies to Norwegian foreigners and don't let them double checked on grass but I.