Nerd Talk - February 9, 2017

Thursday, February 9th

The next rock band should just be called "band in goggles"...


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Pennsylvania the game with a whip from the eighties. Shares coming to Netflix as a television show why eight. Yes the stall job that makes sense just make everything from our child that new way and wrap Vieira the really strange things you do right. Last year we heard about a 5000 year old Chinese beer recipe being unearthed and immediately I liked the ancient Chinese even more but I'd never thought someone would go and actually blew. Ruled batch because I'm an idiots. Turns out the Chinese knew about fermented Barley way earlier than we previously thought footwear and archaeology students made a batch. It doesn't resume more than anything like it tasty Rubens grew over Ballard Kenseth and looks like oatmeal drowned in sunken diamond goblet of urine. Now I think I'm logistic demand means. And finally the next rock band video game will be deal are they out. To slap on your populous goggles. Pick up your virtual reality guitar controller. Can join your band on stage to rip through your favorite muse songs or whatever what what's the point did you just get like an actual guitar Lu declared survey with your friends to solve the neighbors are. Yes chewy gets it.