Nerd Talk - February 9, 2018

Friday, February 9th

I've already forgotten what it's about.


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Yeah right it's Friday let them now. All right well I'm sure the nerd talk podcast have a great weekend. FaceBook has committed to making more meaningful connections between users which include showing my friend's pool from five days ago for some reason it. But they're going a step further now protesting up page down home moved thumbs down for comments yet out. Pull down some brand pages for now as a test but it could mean as a group humanity will be able to download enough that we can silence the people we don't agree win. Oh. The student fees are the falcon heavy carried off into the heavens well NASA has now officially listed as a celestial body. I think that they'll track and as it makes its way past Mars off to the asteroid belt and keep the violence of crashing to earth until almost. Don't suspect that these star man W behind the wheel of that Tesla to vacuum robot doing secret space business with a unknown aliens here out. This may. Act and finally humanity is reaching a new low end stupidity introducing today's Smart pork. But I immediately want to stab into my eyes for reading such an insanely dumb story got all the normal sports features like the stab burns and handle. And also has sensors that can detect when you're shoveling food too quickly into your drool. Meaning to rapidly is a big factor in obesity so it's only your fourth would police what you cram in your mouth. Maybe Wear them out and like an alert that I shall failure forcing yourself to fast well around Belgrade.