Nerd Talk - January 17, 2018

Wednesday, January 17th

Don't hold your sneezes in...


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Hi there I'm Gregor and thanks so much for downloading the podcast ever talked on the microphone will loom. Very rare case some thirty something year old duke held off us needs. And it ruptured his throat causing air and get stuck in his body and make him feel terrible need surgery and stuff the worst. And so trying to decide if this is blue blood generated stick use or not. Both over the Internet turns out when you gotta sneeze just localized. Blizzard ninja sneezes are not sneaky. Our bar real enthusiasts in England AK 83 nerds are going to plant an entire forest for the trees spanning from one posted the other about the width of the state of Washington wow that's grapple of threes but fifty million albums. Bad news logging companies or evil sheriff's like the woman nodding and we'll take thirty ish years to mature this forest. We don't assess what's who's going to be a job opening for his kid when he gets old enough. But really you know him you know this us watched. That finally people in Iceland worried about the earth. Meanwhile low birth the way the humans needed to survive scientists have developed and switched on a geothermal factory that scrub CO2 out of the air and stores it in the rocks and paralegal. We do Iceland and that's not what a crazy idea I. Really you could Iceland. It's supported by our gaming friends over on the east side and burn and wells.