Nerd Talk - January 18, 2018

Thursday, January 18th

This new Nintendo Labo sounds AWESOME!


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Hi there I'm Gregor and thanks for downloading my podcast of talk. Nintendo switch has a new twist and it looks fun they're. Us they're printing and punching out pieces of cardboard that you full to make wild creations that'll hold just switched to create new ways to interact with it. Pellet duel live with the VR goggles a few years ago once a dead and as a cardboard piano with moving keys and stand for the switch screen. There's a fishing rod with a six string that you'll you can cast into the ponder on the screen below you strings to connect card board feet two year old all the VR headset. And the hand controllers suddenly you're robots smashing crap opened a virtual world. It's the fun of making creating combined with the awesome listened to know what it's called level. Good luck stopping me from getting a switch now wife the top. JK my wife is the best. Virgin billionaire Richard Branson says you should work below. Us got easy for a billionaire who don't have to pay Seattle writes the argues that more time away in Richardson's people and that's the standard. Five on two off is that for doing this this solution automate more obviously. Do. It's not like employers are going to pay for automation and keep our wages this Indian knuckle head then sign me up for a four day work week with the same pay amend. And finally Norway is hard at work to make all of their short haul airplanes electric but you're 4040. What Kuwait real here's the won't be done any flight lasting ninety minutes the last celebs on the sounds of C match. Will be handled by planes would electric engines. Can imagine how much quieter this is going to be now crying babies and people snoring will do worse put to death when Billiton sneaking out the flirts now. This week is supported by our friends at Vernon Wells they are gaming club on the east side.