Nerd Talk - July 10, 2018

Tuesday, July 10th

Billy Dee Williams, baby!

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I'm Gregor and the nerd talk podcast starts now. Loser reportedly will Ritz and four Star Wars episode I know. My boot. Seems an odd choice for him to play princess lay out. Well as land it okay got it yeah. All right Pete Carrie Fisher Disney hasn't confirmed the addition yet but with a JJ Abrams direct in this one it's no surprise you do for nostalgia. Remember Alando. Despite its obvious danger we as a tool to continue to text and drive because. Oh fear of missing outflow low. More than six times more likely to crash and die when texting and driving it on what your social life to die broke you're not the first to respond to your friend. Disgusting doesn't snapped. Thought political mood you don't bathrooms and don't text and drive or most of the person that you hit that was doing nothing wrong to deserve it. And finally a Russian spacecraft has set a new record for speed yeah. And doctor the International Space Station in just under four hours after launch exclusive look look we look good now. Also would they mix screw drivers using blue Jay or carrying new. Which is supported by lift our. That looks at the dual meaning to the rocket's story that the.