Nerd Talk - July 11, 2018

Wednesday, July 11th

Elon Musk has amazing options for that rescue tube. Listen to Twitter, Musk!

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Hi and thanks for chicken at the nerd talk podcast don't. Must put his engineers to work building a rescues submarines for the kids trapped in the caves in Thailand. Ultimately the music because human divers just build amounts are now below mused with Twitter followers about sending the sub two of frozen moon of Jupiter. I'm 100% support this idea if we can just get it there. Plucky Phoenix is signed on to really re really revived the Joker on the big screen no breaks. The dude who made the hangover will Helm the gritty crime drama exploring the origin story of the Joker but it's. It's gonna be separate from the current DC universe. That they're still making another Gerry logo Joker filled confusing. And finally ended. About a plan in awhile ago that we'll we'll let them light years away and it appears to be in the goldilocks zone around its star a means not too cold not do not do. Just right it can do the nearby place most likely to have the right conditions for life. Don't get dudes and you know living abroad though it's still impossibly out of reach and just because it's. It's in the sweet spot for life doesn't mean we'll dig it and see now changing the thermostat in the studio makes everyone outside of that and imagine showing I'll be fine at the planet never gets above 41 degrees even in summer. No one there knows how to drive when it rains either so annoying. Oh.