Nerd Talk - July 12, 2018

Thursday, July 12th

Finally a robot that will help you suck less with plants!

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Low in June he showed up for the nerd techpodcasts. Hey thanks a lot. There's a new type Apollo. In town that's for appliance business. Fundraising robot pot in little spider lockyer floor. Morals around the house to find the perfect solar arrays could find were plans grave to stake a little reprogramming by an evil AI and they could even walk acumen to save a couple of love love. No way that's bad to robot and robots are so awesome. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has committed to pay to solve the clean water crisis in Third World Flint, Michigan. I would go to America well great progress has been made to be fair he's volunteered to pay to install filters and remaining homes that still poor brown metallic sludge from the spigots again here in first pulled America. Cool. Thanks to NASA now you can get that extra nerdy view of former planet Pluto and its dumb moon Sharon. Us surround I don't know the new horizons spacecraft spent months studying the pair collecting data and photos and junk and researchers. Has compiled topographic maps of both. We will really get to reprinted blooms. The love we could globe.