Nerd Talk - July 13, 2018

Friday, July 13th


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Under Friday antics are listening to the nerd talk podcast. Thousand dollars that's eligible trust you to store I've been to a blue legend space capsule and be rocket did end up or that as soon as next year. Think just ten years ago you could have purchased a home in Seattle now that's it'll take to make you wait lists Jeff hazel went loves Blair and bad news in the battle to stay healthy this summer a group. Borne parasite can now survive pool or read the will pool party improve bird can ruin your summer fun cool. I mean you can always win the love love nothing survives that. Nothing. And finally medical technology just keeps getting to the yeah doctors can X ray scan your squishy human body and build a full color 3-D model of your friends. Heads blown slash muscle wristwatch off comes Doug Gillard separately. It is only a matter of time the enforce the pre three d.s games is not be so moved in 3-D printing results. Don't don't don't gross.