Nerd Talk - July 14, 2017

Friday, July 14th

Use your brain to make Russell Wilson level money!


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Though it turns out you don't have to make precision passes or runs like Russell Wilson in order to make Russell Wilson money go locks their dog also. You don't have to be global by guys like Michael Bennett who. Instead use that big brain appears to get one of the top jobs in the field of artificial intelligence. The best minds in the bay is currently are fetching NFL quarterback global cash but like how only Washington money. Or helicopter money. The kick ass lawyer service for fighting parking tickets that to date has saved its plants more than three million dollars it's a robot and it's here in the US robots so awesome QL you are this ai is called do you not pay and was launched by a nineteen year old college nerd you're the best. And asks is who questions the tells you how to fill out the appeal and mail it in to do joy loaded back. And finally. The biggest planet in the the solar system that obviously earth thanks to wall zoo right these second drunk this planet in the solar system is actually in Salinas a space rocks flying around Saturn unknown. Moon since most of its time just sorting out toxic alcohol. It's down to just based rats the alcohol is methanol that's like much has poisoned this cousin. Person's space scientists is heard me say vodka and the like think whoever doesn't look good for downtown we must go to the MySpace I think it's yeah you know it's my ball. It's. This is supported by our friends the deal walker Subaru.