Nerd Talk - July 19, 2018

Thursday, July 19th

How about a nice cup of Almond juice?

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New tune at noon to go to combat nerd talk podcast now own. The Food and Drug Administration is about to drop the stone cold stunner on people who make milk. Alternative products like Floyd cash Jew pimp all the milk they shouldn't be marketing themselves. As milk because quotes and all men doesn't collect tapes Toledo told in the future. What a nice cup of Coleman's juice. The 21 year old college student who loves adrenaline has invented and produced his own working under water jet pack. Prototype. It's all 3-D printed cards battery powered and propels you around underwater like your some sort of dank dull thing. For global effect under the sea no doubt that's a far is that it goes where and oxygen tank would goes he's still have to hold your breath. What some mere mortal. And finally Google isn't some hot water in Europe where they've been find five billion dollars for some she'd be android business. I don't really understand it but that's the cost of like to complete sound transit light rail expansions. Pay Google just do what Washington did with the hard times in just raise the cost of card fees for a employees for like parking you make of that money right away. JK people go to Washington voted for that in breeze. Can pool.