Nerd Talk - July 24, 2017

Monday, July 24th

It's self driving cars versus bicycles and we all know who wins: robots.


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01 of the downsides to self driving cars is that they don't give a crap about bicycle riders and to be fair no one does it. Kid jokingly it's likely to be huge advantage for your help the greener future and other junk but cyclists and pedestrians are largely the hardest to predict. And bikes traveling at a higher rate of speed make it even trickier. Researchers think helping the day I sort things out could be as simple as updating your fight with a begin the cars can see now. When the cars get lasers you'll definitely be an easier target. Leyland must be war Iraqi billionaire behind Tesla SpaceX and hyper loop is about to test a new rockets for sending first junk. Tore martian neighbor but he says his falcon heavy but the installed. They thought it heavy rocket. Could very likely explode on launch grades. It's the biggest firecracker since the Saturn five took Astro bullets to the moon. But most he's keeping his expectations grounded in case the sucker fails hoping it at least makes it far enough away from the launch pad to avoid causing more serious damage. And finally. Cooking shows in the future are gonna be hello boring thinks that MIT AI. There's compiling all your stupid through photos putting on some food photos up to understand. What is about meals that you love. Combine that with a recipes from big cooking sites and soon we'll leave the creativity behind shipping up tasty meals. To look Thomas times what it can't be bold and slid gifts monetization Hulu would you look so more rural little. Mean yeah. Oh.