Nerd Talk - July 26, 2017

Wednesday, July 26th

Your next phone doesn't have to have a battery...


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Imagine your phone charging without a cable. Or even needing a police deployed it and put the worst is heading out to a show or Mariner's game realizing that you're at 39% on your phone I. Not us nerds did you dove have read is. Nine the guts of a phone that doesn't even have a battery that charges from late in radio waves that are just plug and around everywhere. Think she didn't convert they vibrations of the speaker microphone straight to power with all the talking I do now my wife can be annoyed and in my iPhone would be working. Right healing service left and Taco Bell have joined scores. We know I meant for munchies looks like it's a guy gets for good but at this week when you look at ride with a lift between 9 PM and 2 AM. Check and see if you can switch it. To taco load. The driver all plan to stop at the nearest Taco Bell under ride the not sure the combo Pizza Hut dot Google counsel or not want to can them. And finally it's not everyday that two of the world's most recognizable nerd names are pitted against one another but do you want most to do that runs tests on SpaceX. He's talking trash about Facebook's founder and AI enthusiast. Mark Zuckerberg is saying that's not only how they limited understanding about AI even works boy and girl. WS plus this beef I have an idea. Pushing each builder owned how worried giant medical robots. The flight delays Ariane. I.