Nerd Talk - July 31, 2017

Monday, July 31st

Oldschool gaming console battle begins this fall!


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While her body breaks out about getting whatever school Nintendo console it's available petals will hold. Sega jump and and that action they're about to launch their own retro gaming systems. Sonic the Hedgehog plus another eighty games come preloaded and this console features to the wireless controllers. All for less than a hundred bucks. Well those lovable nerd the collision that took off for showing everyone how to turn machine gun into a machine gun with the autonomous. Ai controlled machine gun robots robots are so awesome totally about it no one is sure exactly what his platoon of machines will feature buds will get a better idea the army 20s17. International military technical forum. Being held next month in Russia and finally a mint condition Super Mario Brothers cartridge. Just over 30000 dollar. What's up did you think you just gotta. Also the Truman got grounded for forever forgot about the game and just cashed in thirty grand that's. Almost enough for a down payment for a house in Seattle well most. This week is supported by the nerds at Vernon Wells.