Nerd Talk - July 6, 2016

Wednesday, July 6th

British scientists have improved the chance of your teeth surviving... irony!

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Criticizes bonded there a nerd brains together inside of themselves and rat knew dental fillings it'll actually fix the problem. Using stem cell treatment and an organic tooth filling. You can actually re grow the spot in the cavity rather than just. Filling it with the so mentor boomer does that they use. This is great news to you later toothbrush. The parking lot at Dover is an extra safe because they're tired and a security guard Bob robot and your. Recruited well not technically Robocop. They have a day like you're looking robot roaming their home base parking lot with a live cameras microphones infrared tracking and more. This security rule buzz is the laser beams short shorts they're getting humans. And it just seven or eight bucks an hour run but it's a fraction of the cost of a human security guard and doesn't require French Fries now pressurized. And I felt bad for robots before and finally plug toy sixteenths to discourage other whether or impending death from climate change. In the eighty's and ninety's it was all about beholden. The ozone layer we'll good breaking news when the world got together and band CFCs and refrigerators and air conditioners. It actually worked healing goes. Known in the holes getting smaller it's posted back to seal looked like your 25 deep we may actually. I mean assuming we quelled the coming dolphin uprising. Legislature supported by Wear and robots are due to resume.