Nerd Talk - July 6, 2017

Thursday, July 6th

Solar is taking a page out of the Predator's handbook...

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The future of solar panels wasn't so much about polite. You know for someone like Seattle works great for six months of the year so it's a little but not a imagine if it was about harnessing infra red wings I eat heat. Cable with a lizard not like it doesn't actually changed temperature apparel that soaks up ambient heat and converts it into energy would itself and not get. Popped and could operate safely at room temperature. Or would they can karate. Some dude who loves the Super Mario Brothers like a lot made an augmented reality version of the first war over that old Nintendo classic and strap on your day our goggles like Apollo Lindsay project teams on to the real world and suddenly. The moon isn't complete troop clues and trying to keep Q you know. Express collect coins to get higher power all all people look at you like and and sane person running through the park like an idiot. And finally. A team apart minded researchers have developed drones capable spray painting surfaces and will play their technology on a giant mural wall in Berlin. Cool the same way your color printer works for different color Droughns each fly around printing their part. Not until local graffiti artist clubs don't gets his hands on the moon always got a black Jake. 6 o'clock. So how did Pincher named black bubble letters everywhere in Seattle. As jet pack jet pack. I took this week supported by the gaming nerds at Verne and wells.