Nerd Talk - July 9, 2018

Monday, July 9th

The super rich old white guys aren't always the worst!

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Safe on the nerd talk podcast and that's pretty Great Lakes. One must grabbed eighteen month. Engineers from SpaceX and the boring company to help develop and rescue vehicle for the boys ties soccer team who became trapped in the flooded cave in two weeks ago and are just now being rescued. The submarine they built and tested looks like the most claustrophobic torpedo shape. Imaginable but they were able to use parts from SpaceX rocket to make it work without her. I'm happy to design new stuff as of this morning eight boys have been rescued with four and a coach remaining in the case it doesn't look like the rescued two bogeys used. But it's something cool that could find usefulness in future rescue missions. A team of programmers look an a on artificial intelligence looms in the comments section of credit to teach it to be a psychopath. Cool like most psychopaths I'm sure I understand that it means to chill out bro and not become a Mercury teenager killing lake monster. What's next the melodeo I have dual. Is there covered robotics. Scorpion because it will slow 100 toasted yeah they're finally. Regrets to MIT for making halo. Labrador sized quadra pet robot that doesn't need to cede to be more Giles then you winds. Like you're trying to find your way to the bass. They're meant to AM its senses its surroundings this thing makes calculation forty times per second without eyes just using touched and without needing to be. Because it's a robot.