Nerd Talk - June 12, 2018

Tuesday, June 12th

Net neutrality is dead... unless you live in one lone state.

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Users of the Internet and the officially lost net neutrality. Thanks to the greedy morons in charge of the joint that's been your Internet service provider can now control the content you see and how much it cost you to see it. Like paying more for social media centers and YouTube. They can charge business is more to prioritize their contents over others as you look at Washington State I should. Yeah Washington as it always stayed tool launched its own rules barring this insane and dangerous practice. And we won't be subjected to further throttling or paid priority invasion but I'd just love great access to all of the beauty of the Internet like tooling total strangers were checking on your bitcoin. It's not just our run down to summer there to make in the days so much longer though that is sweet. The moon is actually slowing our days down thanks to the thin slowly escaping our blue marbles gravity will. The birthday is actually about six hours longer than it once was so much stuff commodity. Outside it to like a billion years were to happen so who and finally ended. NASA is keeping a close eye on the curiosity rover driving around on the surface of Mars as it fights for its life the the rover which was only scheduled to live for ninety days on Mars has been cruising around for fifteen freaking years now imagine that over time jerk move. Let's currently having a hard time using its solar panels to recharge batteries because it's stuck in a dust storm. Bigger than the United States. That is a lot of sands. That's objective and curiosity rover and another weird response I don't mind Sen who scores. Were compared to. Manning gets everywhere. So annoying.