Nerd Talk - June 18, 2018

Monday, June 18th

We're less than a decade from dinosaurs?!

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Five to ten years that's. The timeframe a dinosaur scientist given before we reboot living dinosaurs here on earth. He's the dude that's cancel the filmmakers for multiple drastic park movies and conclude that it's not the other DNA frozen in amber that's the key stupid John Hammond. Let's go with all the broken down it's reverse engineering raptors from chick kids. I thought we were making real dinosaurs not laboratory monsters. How cool that insect Armageddon is under way as say a bunch of entomologists. Though the people who study bugs and the numbers are shockingly low in the insect species Harvard biologist who like this at all humankind were to disappear. The world would regenerate back to the rich state of people who really existed 101000 years ago. If insects were to finish this environment would collapse in the chaos but according to the guardian and six at the root of our food chain and without them none of that happens. And finally Mexico's once again shaking at this time the threat of tremors to the already wobbly resembles a fake quake courtesy of the fifa World Cup. 7000 miles away in Moscow the goal was scored by their team in the victory against defending champions Germany the registered on the richter scale. Other countries Kuwait and he's quick in Spanish. District supported by our friends and turned and wellness.