Nerd Talk - June 19, 2018

Tuesday, June 19th


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When a script yesterday and blurted out that he was indeed starting a new branch of military. Those preschoolers. It's definitely not a distraction and do you gotta be careful nerds you're getting up there real as the earth is round and then once I know that's where they're gonna send kids separated from the parent the border so what's gonna guard them the space for. Here's the strange course we'll use rusty drinking water than they've been developing in Flint, Michigan and the middle helps keep you magnetized to the Earth's we don't float away. No one knows what they're actually gonna do this whole thing is ridiculous one thing's for sure I would do wanna be part of the space force. All right. Summit the world's fastest supercomputer is stupid fast. If everyone on earth did a calculation every second step would be so boring double if ever wanted to check goes every second it would take is almost an entire year to do what summit can do in just one blink. Moral I'm like it's fast enough to control army of robot dog could totally never turn on the humans the world plus for our affirmative. But I'm willing to do of the University of Washington have trained and AI to pick sports in two. 3-D holograms that you could watch using they are goggles it's incredible. Many awesome it'll be when sports are broadcast on your coffee table and everyone gathers around to watch. He switched seats and suddenly you've got a few from holding part of the stadium over the hard charging 1075 for craft beer no problem. This week is supported by our nerdy friends and burn and wills.