Nerd Talk - June 20, 2018

Wednesday, June 20th

Beet Beats by Dre!

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Well well well nerd talk the podcast strikes again. Scientists have science themselves a way to use beats the root vegetable to make a stronger form of concrete. Makes sense do you took him. Morals the typical for making buildings and sidewalks still lasts longer imagine if they use beats to make stronger plastics and then one day you're out getting new headphones and you pick up the strongest. Beat deep by drink. Me. Are humans NASA plans to send robots to the moon the robots are so awesome. Sadly it's for nothing cool like moon laser displays do Joe's 200 million. Not just sending robots of them check things out look for water and landing sites would end up here. And finally some construction minded nerds who created buildings using a combination of rice glass and flung yes. I'll all right congratulations on attending burning man duplicate and all that say about your good crack. This supported by our friends and turn and wells knocked a former baseball player Casey beginning pulled on the east side.