Nerd Talk - June 25, 2018

Monday, June 25th


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Hey there I'm Gregor and it is time for the nerd talk podcast. Great field FaceBook has doubled down its efforts to detect and destroy fake news. More than a billion. That's the sift through all of the fact check did and now make sure video is it edited and photos aren't used to misrepresent idea it's. The of course using the kind of artificial intelligence to help them achieve this. I think that the first of the took his by cutting out all the stuff I won a seat and now just showing me updates of random people from high school I barely know them somehow friends with a alive thanks. Scientists are using leftover DNA from a zillion years ago to recreate and growth tiny Neanderthal brains and study. Because. Our next thing you know will be competing with the robots and trade demand for our jobs reached. And finally in order to improve energy efficiency of travel the US navy has developed a new omni phobic coding at helping it better come through. The waters of sales. Thanks to its capability to repel water. Royal and even peanut butter I'll perfect if they ever said sealock cartoon world. Or for that seafaring battleship with a peanut allergy. This week's Cordoba look at peanut. To whom I have an allergy race.