Nerd Talk - June 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27th

Tough choice to make between awesome Nintendo products...


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Nintendo and broke hearts earlier this year by announcing that they stopped producing. Those tiny throwback NES console they're adorable that despite continued demand they had a plan all along. The September they're releasing the super Nintendo many and it looks awesome and for under a hundred bucks. You get to console with two controllers and a couple dozen games including some big ones Super Mario world Super Mario Kart at zero yoshi's island. Mega man X Final Fantasy to read Zelda a link in the past. And not just star fox put them never released star fox two barrel roll and intentional wrongdoing but okay. In addition to bottles like you wash and fold the laundry some genius went and made a robot that can iron new clean clothes. Now look at the robot skeptic thanks for watching terminator two would to diminish I'm normally freaked out about machines that can do our jobs ironing is the worst. And finally anonymous Internet hacking group. Anonymous. Out of nowhere announced that NASA would. No we haven't we're not about to make an announcement that sounds exactly like what someone who found aliens were saving people from freaking out about finding. World view jerks. EU. Yeah.