Nerd Talk - June 5, 2018

Tuesday, June 5th


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Researchers built and programmed a weed killing robots to. The word pro not the kind of weed this one can drive around the rules of crops identify a pesky Reid can zap it would. The blast of herbicide directly rather than having to drench the whole field to get 95% reduction in weed killer to people still told we usually grow weed leaves. SpaceX had to push back that'll tourists going for a ride around the mood back it was supposed to happen later this year but now won't take place until mixed you're at the earliest. Evidently you pay private citizen and below birth can pay a fee to fly around its base with a tough for. It's going to be a while yet. And finally they feature being a cyborg sounds awesome I'm. Scientists can now power tiny implanted medical devices like in your head from star with a hundred feet. That's going to be amazing the what practically can we please power that we can PlayStation remote from across the letter rogue. It's pretty ignorant and Wales.