Nerd Talk - June 7, 2018

Thursday, June 7th


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They're fluid they're tucked vodka. Us to now 30% Ortiz lead. David your phone yet to build the new below Moody's. The Unicode consortium. Put crazy game they love more than a hundred new characters but the biggest focus for me is on the victory if jitters now fellow red do the red heads will be able to express themselves via hi ruby lips. I knew that if it's Sunday when you used your mood Jeep it turns red and freckle eight. Rudy. Researchers in San Diego presumably full of documentaries to craft beer took a break from the beach to create tiny little men robots capable of swimming around in our blood did that to blast a lot of bacteria and to view the way. I mean just presumed that we actually understand everything in the bloodstream completely what should and shouldn't be there but okay to just make tiny robots the plus forget pollen out of my nose and lungs during allergy season. And finally put a warning about sneaky old Canada trying to lure us nerds to live there the province of Alberta just introduced their new driver's licenses and ID cards they feature free. Applaud the opt out. Its home routine what do you do next tell within health care is free in the do you believe in climate science it's. Got that right Akbar. This week supported by burned Andrew will this.