Nerd Talk - March 12, 2018

Monday, March 12th

Watch Star Wars with a live symphony playing the score!


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Talk but hey I'm Gregory thanks for joining us for another episode of the nerd talk podcast it's just today's new talk put on the Internet. Thanks for. Hey Victor goes the Seattle symphony UF tickets on sale now to what's the original Star Wars film. With the free can symphony playing the iconic score behind it happens this summer over the course of three days and if nothing else gets some that's we've been a royal air conditioned then. Astronaut Scott Kelly who spent almost an entire year in space being also mulled his twin brother stayed back here on earth. Probably super bummed bullet Scott came back to our planet and scientists looked at his DNA they found that have been changed if you could dinosaurs. Now he's at ten. Yes he went to space and now we the terror and act tool. And finally Elon Musk says. About a year his interplanetary space ex shuttle will be ready for testing. Soon no good to Mars just yet they'll settle down it's just the initial bump down flights. Seems pretty worried about the earthlings snooping themselves then wants is to have another home like ASAP according to and first dot com he hadn't heard says that at some point quote. Morris will need everything from pizza joints and will need great callers. Mars Bars. He went on to say I love gray dead jokes don't really I'm still waiting for one Mars Bars get out of air. It.