Nerd Talk - March 13, 2017

Monday, March 13th

Nerd Talk is helping da bears!


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Our favorite nerd illustrators and another also mission this time Matthew in men's draw are of the oatmeal. Once to bring back. The marriage Scott Blair's grizzlies to be specific. He needs your help. A postal interface but to what he needs is 25000 dollars and 50000 comments on the National Park Service web site. For them to seriously consider reintroducing grizzly bears to the north cascade mountain chain currently there are less than ten of these bears are Paris they've got to put down all the money himself because he's an awesome dude. Now he just needs your comments to put a little pressure. On decision makers. Coho salmon are like low low low low would think this through a little bit. Hey Harvard researcher thinks that aliens exist bro and that there inadvertently talking to us using light waves up obviously. The first showed up in 2001 and signals again a few years later this he's fast radio bursts have no natural explanation. The scientists thinks it could be the work of an alien culture trying to power a giant light sale. Pointed it in our direction liquidity due original member Tom DeLong could not be reached for come. And finally Major League Baseball. Is that due allowed teams to have their players Wear Smart fans to collect biometric data while playing. Similar deal but definitely not a good fit in the evening 2.0 will track heartbreak temperature changes sleep cycles and other junk. And the parent thinks it could change the way managers track performance for example. Hey pitcher rather than using a high pitch count getting old navy will no win DA come from anatomical data. The British and other unified that 95% of the time baseball players are super bored. The.