Nerd Talk - March 13, 2018

Tuesday, March 13th

What a weekend...


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Well they're thanks for taking time to listen to the dirt talk podcast cadet the Deere company is teaming up with space nerds to give Lowell a key hot lover a chance to crush bruise. In zero G. They'll walk commercial spaceflight isn't quite here yet. Fourth lines brewing company sending someone out there were those parabolic flight zero G planes to zero would you like to swallow thugs while weightless poorly thought. How terrible zero gravity bush most people or worse still these sports. Think about it there's nowhere you can escape do. Take the wizard for our evil overlord Amazon who have taken 300 marvel comic book titles. And put them on sale for a buck a piece for a limited time. Come up with very much worth Star Wars comics didn't even feel guilty. Then finally. SXSW as an old music but also fills advanced technology. The company told icon is debuting a 3-D printing house that takes less than 24 hours to build. The robot makes walls by laying down one line on the do we cement mixture of the times totally got toothpaste tube putting upward pressure on your toothbrush. About the plus the bay used motorcycle. These 600 square foot homes can be built to help solve homelessness. They're building a hundred home development at El Salvador to start out good enough money the old demonstrating with a home shows. To build a ton of these here in Seattle.