Nerd Talk - March 15, 2017

Wednesday, March 15th

Wallpaper is dumb, but Lego friendly tape looks legit!


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Well neighbors who. The worst sport if it was covered in the mid belief bumps known best for leg goes. They crowd source campaign has been started for Lagos hate. Imagine covering your kid's room. Part of dorm rooms you're like me with a surface that would support your building block creativity but it does come packed with a inherent hazards though was the more services you have to delay goes on the more chance they end up on the carpeting and destroy your foot in the middle of the night. Into this what's the newest gaming console from the Japanese giants is on fire on the OJ. And like the galaxy note on fire remotely like it's selling like crazy in the first week to switch sold almost two million consoles. Of the two million they've built for launched by the try to get the ones all the fever gets treated. Do you think the switch to continue to be so popular. Loved to put love the way for the new Mario game to find out. And finally there's a gadget for everything including now on the scene that'll grow pot for you and your apartment drums seem to we'd do. You have to do anything billion African text you when it's done growing it. Could go okay there are gonna be involved anyway why wouldn't somebody just go to illegal pot store and buy recreational marijuana advocates say is all it's not. This pseudo what did you text me what it can grow weed in the low gravity. All I here yes Schuessel flu if you will we get into. This week is supported by burning and wells it's a gaming club on the east side.