Nerd Talk - March 15, 2018

Thursday, March 15th

Maybe don't be the first person to go to Mars...


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Little harder welcome to the nerd talk podcasts. And begin. I don't sign up to be one of the first astronauts to fly on view on mosques adventure to Mars the SpaceX boss believes there's a good chance that the first Cubans on the first large slides will lie. Tell ballistic. Who literally. There's an unexpected byproduct of self driving car tests people like big hairy babies are being easily able to sleep while being robo driven to their destinations. But my glove can you mentioned getting an extra 65 minutes and these doctors have 5 traffic this morning. But right now all. The dream. And finally. Adidas pronounced body Dawson who else in the world. A dealers sold one million pairs of shoes made from recycled seat plastic last year for every shoe manufacturer there's about all. And plastic bottles and other pollution garbage used not explains why those snow crowds keep pumping your foot the dolphins will stop with the cat polling the Kennedy don't don't send. To seal lions. Of course my mistake.