Nerd Talk - March 16, 2018

Friday, March 16th

Robot Bees!


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Hi there Gregor thanks for joining us for the nerd talk podcast of every weekend. To keep us alive after all of the bees have died of political future Wal-Mart of all places is investing and making robot teased for pollination to help keep the world's food supply from disappearing and Smart found not just it's smarter sinister actually look at these turn on us. First DARPA robot dogs loans and open doors now wal mart's robot b.'s what's next dogs would be dinner mountain when they've hard date you'd be dead you. Russian leader and top evil dude Vladimir Putin just use some serious mood. And size shave it NASA putting the Russians are going to Mars. Mix do you hear the biggest back to the red planet by a full earth like we're. A full line. Roman Mars rovers like a dozen years you writing to do. They'll say they're headed to the moon to steal its mood water. Make some news to moons and you don't get me some of them move to name. And finally the future of vaccinations could become needle free with the invention of swallow mobile still lose to deliver the imagine getting your flu shot every year without that stupid needle and it's not that big a deal what's next the needle free tracks New York to swallow a pill known to the future of losing is blazers haven't you seen starship troopers. For twenty years old my good. Oh.