Nerd Talk - March 5, 2018

Monday, March 5th

Oregon trail in your filthy hands!


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Nine these kids rejoice the Oregon trail has arrived as the standalone. Hand held game and knocks. Under Smartphone it's its own device for about 25 bucks. You can be a banker from Boston by a dumb why given said the barrier ways mister fusion after she died of cholera somewhere in frozen Nebraska woman in my organ of characters after veteran who threatens ten. We restarted the time homer record broken thumb lagged well. Did you like someone has the technology to shrink the late eighties apple two. As we earthlings are bound by gravity to the Iraqi Cragg that is the earth as we get more involved with the likes those in Google's move Microsoft one that no one uses. NASA deal was the ultimate in my tank moment in the introducing the International Space Station to probe Droid split the one Luke Skywalker practices. And skills there. Literally use Star Wars is the inspiration to make the ultimate space tool it'll fly around the ISS monitoring systems and being old drew eighty. It's also like zero G rumba cleaning up astronaut crumbs from doing their space gymnastics. And meanwhile in Japan. Designers are the weirdest there's a company that's making tableware. Pull completely self tableware that feels like humans did. Other Japanese have a lot more bold to mouth contact so it's like smooching your food I guessed and I don't like to watch it. After that we mean you have to smother it Lucian. Also decreased due to encrypt stuff to it gross.