Nerd Talk - March 6, 2018

Tuesday, March 6th

Happy happy joy joy


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Why did you made it back to the Internet. Can breasts who little stretched to the good talk podcast. Ask your grass going out just what we. Big robot on your first real job at in and out knocked off Kelly burger for a fart noises and robots bankers predict that new jobs would replace the ones lost the would be but say they're not exactly sure what those jobs will be even longer. I assume we'll be unpaid slave labor to build giant temples for the real true love owners wait a second isn't there a robot that can do that instead I hear right instead of lay is. They're only human. They're very expensive to feed so everyone ends we what. Jerk pharma broad that to do reasonably priced it to be drug in the rays did so that way no one can never afford it. Yeah second sucks you literally and onto Baidu Wu tang clan album that only has literally one topics like several million dollars on an okay well. A judge ruled that before his sentencing this week for being huge fraudulent turned allegedly. He has to turn over seven million dollars worth of assets and it includes this mildly interesting rap album was an awesome awesome case. And finally. Let's open up its basic machine learning course material to the public you'll understand how the robots learn. This is your chance. Either two sons do you soulful moan about our future enemy because you see an opportunity when it comes knocking you want to capitalize. The other probably also using the free courses to observe how you learn how the robot's work in the words of admiral Akbar it's.