Nerd Talk - March 7, 2018

Wednesday, March 7th

I have no idea what this episode was about... I forgot to upload it yesterday and my memory is terrible.


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Thanks for joining us here on the nerd talk podcast enjoy your two minute wasn't Bryant. Dating website bumble has banned guns from profile pictures for about these guns deter future. Aims to help dude stop there already banned nudity and paid speech in that tagging guns in their two. Unless you're an active military member or police officer then you don't look unlike guns and this seems like a total waste of time until I can do with guns. Don't slope on them. Legendary composer John Williams is about to score his final Star Wars film episode nine will be around. A couple of long career of making movies that have awful dialogue seemed magical sure has away with a sweeping character filled pieces when asked for comment he said. It's simple I hit rookies this. Loads not easy to block is obviously not pleased. Yup but don't blame me. Then finally leaving the house and realizing that you didn't turn your phone is still free can frustrating. Coming in particular 5000 times the BBC is reporting that a new carbon based material will soon allow us to charge of 200. And just seconds. The material was originally used trying to develop contact lenses so well hopefully charge insanely well look whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Does this mean we can get to work on cyborg eyes the as a group that way. Guys you wouldn't care it's. Which she didn't east yeah. I.