Nerd Talk - March 8, 2018

Thursday, March 8th

Has your Echo lost it's dang mind?


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Pope spoke hook hook. Eight a McGregor thanks for joining me for the nerd talk podcast. Do you out of nowhere unprovoked Alexis that started randomly left millions. Let's group it babies sleep without. It happens another big concern for many is that Amazon and do more spying on us to find out the secrets of bad news there's. I'm mostly talked to a dog in a may be another gripping the Specter has been cranked up I. But the last thing you do here before laser and begins. And we'll introduce an update to fix the glitch. After years of dealing up the stickers are taking them apart so what made a robots to solve your stupid route excuse with ten minutes see the Internet I get it. This is a new video. This team can do it in less than half. A freak in second. That's crazy corners they just took aggressive the nerd that proved that highly specialized machines are better than humans you've solved nothing. And finally. It's about time someone made a shower curtain with pockets tendency to sludge dumps Smartphone and they keep the driveway getting your stinky parts green. No no it's not this is right up there with shallower beer's been insurer you can do it then it's pretty cool I guess but also. Just wait to 610 minutes. Plus our time of your best arguments in your bed. The president now all wrong.